We Seek to Exceed Your Expectations

At Café Oro we recognize the importance of good coffee. The exquisite taste of Puerto Rican coffee has inspired us over the years. Its aroma, persistence and flavor are qualities that you will not find easily. Café Oro guarantees the highest quality in our production processes, with the aim of preserving the essential attributes that characterize the coffee that you love so much. We care about our people, thanks to their purchase today we employ more than 300 Puerto Ricans, thus contributing to the economic development of the mountain region and the livelihood of the families who live there. Let us be part of your family and share with you that pleasant cup of coffee that cannot be missed in your day to day.

Our History

From the mountainous region of Lares Puerto Rico, Café Oro de Puerto Rico was born as a need to recover the attributes that distinguish the flavor of good Puerto Rican coffee. It all started more than 50 years ago through Angel J. Torres, better known as “Don Guty”, in his dedication to planting and selling the best Puerto Rican coffee. It was not until 1997 that his son José Luis Torres Olivencia “Joselito” inherited his dad's business at the age of just 22. José Luis already had experience as a beneficiary selling coffee to other brands, and thanks to that same experience, it led him to become the largest beneficiary in Puerto Rico, processing more than 50% of the coffee in Puerto Rico. With an entrepreneurial vision and having his own coffee brand, in 2013 he launched Café Oro de Puerto Rico, and with just 5 years in the market, we have had exponential growth that has led us to compete in a gondola with coffee brands that have been in the market for more than 30 years. We design a metallic packaging, which provides greater protection to the product by making it one resistant to impact, with an excellent barrier against moisture, oxygen and light, keeping the coffee in optimal conditions without losing its quality and freshness. Today Café Oro de Puerto Rico is a family business committed to society, employing more than 300 Puerto Ricans, we collaborate with schools and small businesses in the area, thus contributing to the economic development of the mountain region and to the sustenance of the families that live there. "WE ARE MORE THAN COFFEE, WE ARE AN EXPERIENCE THAT IS WORTH GOLD"